SangomaConnect on iOS not registering

(David Gilbert) #1

I’ve been working on trying to get this set up today. Had a few issues that I was able to get resolved and now have the module installed and running properly (as far as I can tell), I’ve got the account info pushed to my mobile app through the link.

In the top left I see my extension and a spinning dashed loop around it. Click on that and it shows it as “registering,” but it’s been going for a while with no progress, which makes me think it’s stuck.

Anyone seen this and maybe able to point out something I’ve missed in the setup?

(I’ve reset the app a couple times to try again, still same behavior. I am far from an expert in any of this.)

(M Peverley) #2

I get the same thing when using cellular. If I put my iPhone on the LAN then it works.

I was hopeful that Sangoma Connect would be easier than Zulu Mobile, which I could never get to work possibly due to IPV6 addresses.

(David Gilbert) #3

The only thing I really haven’t been able to troubleshoot is whether this is getting blocked by the network firewall (not the freepbx firewall), but if it’s a ports issue I have a little harder time testing for that with our current setup.

If you take a look at that and it turns out to be a ports issue blocking it from registering, then I will know that it’s more worth my time to try and dig into that as a potential solution.