SangomaConnect - iPhone and Android Client

Testing the client on both iPhone and Android devices. On both devices that client disconnects if the app is switched or the phone locks. Testing on local network right now and have ports 5060 and 5160 open for TCP and UDP to the server from the IP addresses specified by Sangoma. Any ideas/thoughts to troubleshoot?

The proxy IP list must be whitelisted on the Firewall. It’s done automatically over the installation but you may want to check that.

The list is on the wiki ->

Also you should be allowing connections over SIP from any source IP, not only that list, if you want to be able to use the app when you are out of office.


Thank you. That was already completed. As long as the App is open and the phone does not sleep or lock everything works fine. I confirmed the IP addresses are whitelisted on the FreePBX server and allowed through our firewall to our ISP.

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