SangomaConnect - Forgot Password Link uses IP Address

Hey folks - I am setting up SangomaConnect on a new PBX and I think I have everything working however I am running into one specific oddity.

If a user clicks the “Forgot Password” link in the SangomaConnect Desktop Application, it navigates to the IP Address of the PBX vs. the hostname configured in the SangomaConnect module, causing a Certificate Warning.

I’m not sure if this is an oversight or expected behavior, however I would like to change this if that’s at all possible. Please advise if this is configurable.


The quickest solution is probably to open a commercial module ticket. Support can probably reproduce this and file a bug report to correct it.

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Good call. Will do.

Hi @hbonath

Please update the sysadmin module to edge version (FreePBX v15 -, FreePBX v16 - 16.0.24) and clear the browser cache and check, your issue should be fixed.

Thank you

@psandesh Thank you for the tip.
I have performed this and the problem still persists.
I do have a ticket open per the suggestion from @jfinstrom

Screenshots for Clarification:

Hi @hbonath

Please clear the browser cache and check. Your browser cache is causing the issue.

It may be necessary to re-provision the client as well.

@psandesh Confirmed - I cleared the browser cache on the computer where the client was provisioned, then logged in/logged back out of the Sangoma Desktop client and it is working correctly and navigating to the correct URL.

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