SangomaConnect - BLF Causing Registration Issues

I have SangomaConnect working and rolling it out to our users. We found one group of users that were all seeing the same issue. Their line wouldn’t ever register in the app. I found a hit in the log files:

NOTICE[22046] res_pjsip_exten_state.c: Endpoint '[ext1]' state subscription failed: Extension '**[ext2]' does not exist in context 'from-internal' or has no associated hint

So it looks like the BLF line keys we have on their endpoints may be causing an issue. They use these to see each other’s line status and pick up any ringing calls if needed. The line key is set to

BLF / [name] / **[ext2] / Account 1

Does anyone know of a way to get these to register in SangomaConnect without having to remove their BLF configuration?

Hi @owaadmin

I believe BLF hint not present is just a notice and it will not block the sangomaconnect app registration.

Looks like the Sangoma push notification servers are not whitelisted properly. Can you please install edge version of sangoma connect so that it will automatically add Sangoma push notification servers to whitelist.

If you are using external firewall then please go through and whitelist the Sangoma push notification servers in your firewall and your issue should be resolved.

Thank you.

I dug some more into it, the other lines getting this error in the logs are all registering. As are the other 6 lines we’re testing this on. So its just the one line that won’t register. All running on the same network. Which makes me think its not a whitelist or firewall issue.

Hi @owaadmin

For registering the sangoma connect client can use any of the push servers so if that particular push server IP is blocked then that user only will not be able to register and for rest of the users registration works fine. And we have seen this issue earlier aswell.

So please whitelist those push server IP in FreePBX firewall and your external firewall if you are using any.

Thank you.

So, from the document I’m understanding I need to make sure those IPs are whitelisted for UDP 10000-20000 for inbound traffic on my external firewall. I double checked, and we actually have that port range open from all sources (we have some remote phones that move around).

Also, I checked the FreePBX firewall and I do see the SangomaConnect Cloud Network entries were added as trusted.

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