SangomaConnect app doesn't ring when on background


The SangomaConnect app doesn’t ring when it’s on the background on a iOS device.
Reinstalling doesn’t fix the problem. Happens on Wi-Fi (outside the business) and on 4G.

Checked the SangomaConnect settings in iOS settings and it’s allowed to send notifications and run on the background.

Android version works.


Android devices work so I’d rule out an issue on the server. Check the permissions on iOS, something must be blocking the app to run on the background or it could be blocking the actual ring.

IOS absolutely requires a push server, as there is no way of stopping it putting apps into deep sleep.

However, I thought that SangomaConnect dealt with that.

Connect does push notifications to phones. What I meant before is that, since it’s working on Android, there seems to be no issues with the push servers, only on the device when receiving the notification.

I use the SangomaConnect app daily, and have no issues with it ringing while the phone is asleep.

Currently on iPhone 11 with iOS 15.5.

iOS and App are both up-to-date. My collegea and me have the same problems. Is there anything I could do to troubleshoot the problem?

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