Sangoma Zero touch Provisioning redundancy

FreePBX 13.0.197
Asterisk Version: 13.18.3

My Sangoma phones are currently configure for Zero touch which is set to get the configuration from for auto provisioning.

I would like to setup a redundant server Is it possible to configure zero touch to check if pbx1 is down then then provision using pbx2?

Assuming I configured the Sangoma phones to use line 1 for PBX1 and line2 for PBX2 with auto provision using PBX1. As long as the phone is powered up and PBX1 goes down, Line 2 should continue working right? What will happen is someone power down a previously configured phone while PBX1 is down?

It will stay configured.

Rebooting a phone does not cause it to lose its configuration.

The S series will only contact the Zero touch redirect when in a factory default condition. Once it has successfully provisioned once, it will only ever use the provisioning URL set in the template until you factory default it again. The provisioning server can only be set with a single URL.

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