Sangoma vs Digium cards in DAHDI module and amportal start

I have a Sangoma A200 (FXO/FXS) card and a Digium TE110P (T1) card in a server. Sangoma uses the notorious wanpipe driver to communicate with Dahdi.

I’ve got the Sangoma card working fine for both FXO and FXS ports using the FreePBX (2.10) Dahdi module but when I go to configure the Digium T1 card, all h*ll breaks loose. It seems that “amportal start” calls the wanrouter and wipes out any configs made previously for the Digium card.

Manually, I can do

“amportal stop”
“wanrouter stop”
“service dahdi stop”

“wanrouter start” (starts the 4 FXS/FXO channels)
“service dahdi start”
“dahdi_cfg -vvv” (both A200 and the TE110P card configure properly: show up in dahdi_tool)

Then if I do an “amportal start”, wanpipe loads again and reconfigures just for the A200 card then asterisk chokes as it can’t find span 2 and dahdi fails to load. The FreePBX Dahdi Module shows garbage for the T1 card.

On occasion, I have had the FreePBX Dahdi Module show both cards then after editing the T1 card, as soon as I try to “apply config”, or “reload asterisk dahdi module” or “restart asterisk and dadhi” then the configs are lost and dahdi fails to load.

If I could disable the wanrouter or wancfg_dahdi from starting in the “amportal start” scripts then I can configure this mess and get on with my life. This is particularly frustrating as I’ve had this working previously under PiaF without a problem. I’ve recently moved to FreePBX distro for many reasons.

What version of wanpipe are you using?

Also you can choose not to use the DAHDI module and just hand configure your cards. But not sure why you are having those issues. Have you contacted Sangoma Support?

The newest version in 2.11 and wanpipe 7.0.4 all play nicely now with a mix of sangoma and digium cards.

I basically uninstalled Wanpipe because I use it for FXS/FXO ports and used FreePBX to configure the Digium card for the T1 line. Not the proper solution but I ran out of time.

Back on this old thread. I visit this about every 6 months (educational institute lab) and a new problem rose. When I try to setup the sangoma card, I receive the error message of a wanpipe mismatch between the driver 7.04 and the utilities 7.01 and wanrouter refuses to run. I’m going to try “yum update wanpipe” to see if that will fix the problem. For now, this is just documenting the problem for others to see.

Using FreePBX-4.211.64-2-i386-Full-1366657721 ISO installed in June 2013. Did the following:

yum clean all
yum install wanpipe*
depmod -a
wanrouter hwprobe doesn’t work
when we run setup-sangoma it fails with this error message:

Tried yum update wanpipe and it reports that there is nothing to update.

It says it says no sangoma cards found.

Upgrade your distro to the 4.211.64-7. Seems you have a newer wanpipe but not kernel.

Thanks for the quick response. How do I upgrade my distro?

Yes that is correct.

Started with FreePBX-4.211.64-2-i386-Full-1366657721 ISO installed in June 2013. Finally had the chance to use the update scripts. And still no joy. Rebooting after each script, each one ran properly without errors. Did the following:

yum clean all
yum install wanpipe*
depmod -a
wanrouter hwprobe gives this error now

I may have just done a “yum install wanpipe” instead of “wanpipe*”. I won’t be able to verify until later. So don’t investigate yet.

Checked and I did a “yum install wanpipe*” after all. Still have the same error message missing “sdladrv not found” as indicated in the image.

What version of the kernel do you have installed and what version of wanpipe.

rpm -qa | grep wanpipe

uname -a

This is for a VoIP education lab. I have 8 HP DL360 servers each with 6 bootable partitions. I use a grub boot menu to select between the bootable partitions. The kernels in the grub.conf pointed to the old kernel. The update scripts added a new grub menu item with the right kernel. Modified grub.conf to the right image and initfs, rebooted and success.

Life is good again. The Sangoma A200 FXS and FXO ports and the Digium TE110P T1 channel shows up in Dahdi Config. Thanks for your patience.

With the FreePBX update scripts, do we still have to do the following?

yum clean all
yum install wanpipe*
depmod -a

Or is that now part of the updated FreePBX distribution?

Nope we handle all the wanpipe upgrades.