Sangoma USBFXO - Supported?

I bought a USBFXO device from Sangoma when they came out, and it has been collecting dust in my closet because it was rapidly made unusable due to incompatibilites with Dahdi > v2.5, as stated on the Sangoma support wiki:

“DAHDI 2.6 Currently not supported, please use DAHDI or below”

I figured that would quickly be fixed, seeing as it is a Sangoma product and my experience with Sangoma PCI cards had always been top-notch. Unfortunately, it looks like these devices will forever be unsupported on anything other than very old versions of the software, but I thought I would ask, seeing as FreePBX is now part of Sangoma, and perhaps something might change.

Is there any intention of making these devices work with newer versions of DAHDI? I’d just plug it in to see if it works, but that generally has resulted in crashes in the past, and I do not have any non-production servers around right now.