Sangoma Talk Deskphone - PBX Not Supported

FreePBX 16.0.30
Sangoma Connect
Mac Desktop Client 3.9.0

We’ve been successful with the mobile version but wanted to test the desktop version of the Sangoma Phone. We followed the directions and installed the latest version of the client of GitHub. Correct ports are open, services are running. I am a provisioned user of mobile and desktop, but when I try to sign into the desktop version, I get the error: “PBX Not Supported.”

Any ideas on what I am missing?


I hope you have followed this Wiki page for directions. If not, please go through it again.

You can also refer this link to troubleshoot the issue.

If the issue is still not fixed, feel free to create a ticket.

We did follow the instructions, but I reconfirmed, and I am not seeing the issue. We did open a ticket 00977907. Thanks!

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