Sangoma Talk Certificate not valid

Good afternoon.
We have been happily working with Sangoma Talk for months now, but recently, when we add a new user to the pool, it shows "Security Warning: The certificate for domain is not valid or has expired.
However, our Let’s Encrypt is up to date for another month.
Is there anything else I should update?

As an addional note, we run our FreePBX from the cloud in Digital Ocean. We back up the whole instance weekly, and about three weeks ago I restored the version from a previous week due to me destroying the partition. I assumed back up is identical, but now that I noticed this, I am not sure.

Any advice is very welcome

Hi ,

You can update the Sangoma Connect/Talk certificate by navigating to Admin => Sangoma Connect => Click on the ‘Run Domain Action’ button, then select ‘Update certificates’ and proceed.

After updating the certificate, delete the dashboard warning

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