Sangoma System 60 to SNG7 Failure

OK so I have been battling this particular issue for a bit now. I decided to wipe and reload the box so I downloaded a fresh installer from and go thru the install process. I have servers for web, firewall, nvr and a windows server why the heck does FreePBX always give me grief…

  1. download
  2. burn to flash drive
  3. Insert flash drive into system 60
  4. Reboot System 60 machine
  5. Catch BIOS on boot up to reorganize boot sequence
  6. save and reboot
  7. boots from drive and appears to install everything perfectly.
  8. When reboot happens catch the startup and put the drive sequence back (actually when I did that it was already proper.)
  9. System reboots with nothing but a blank screen.
  10. PULL HAIR OUT :scream: <— its no wonder most emoji’s are bald

I did this twice now and I have had no luck. Both times were a fresh download from the downloads section.

This is a fresh install on a piece of hardware purchased from Sangoma so I know this should work. I read another post about someone whose install had the bootloader placed on the jump drive so I gave it a shot but that is not the case. I just boot to a totally black screen. I tried again last night to install this again by following the procedure I listed above.


What is the last thing you see before the blank screen and did you wait several minutes to see if it would eventually continue?

If you give it time is it remotely accessible?

Is this box purely SIP or has additional telephony hardware?

Good luck and have a nice day!


We are not shipping Appliances with SNG7 yet.

When installing you need to install with serial not VGA.