Sangoma Stock always down?

Even buying the company that created asterisk the stock is still down and dirt cheap. I know nothing about stock, but the company has more than doubled in size since we started using them. Did the get a lot of debt?

Our stock is way up from 12 months ago not sure where you are saying it’s down. Acquisions don’t generally cause stock price to just jump up in small companies usually until you prove the deal was accreative.

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LOL. Its up today. It has not been up for 12 months that a lie. Look at the history. It’s down most of the time. I love sangoma. Just surprised it’s cheap

I think you are looking at something else. It was actually down today not up. Also straight from Yahoo here. Graph of the stock over the last year. It’s doubled from a year ago.

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You must be looking at a different stock. Last year it closed at .73 cents. Today it closed at $1.20

Jun 1 to Sep 1 has a month over month increase.

There’s a reason the stock dropped between March and June and it’s documented online

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As a simpleton just deploying PBX’s , what has anything here have anything to do with the price of eggs ?


I am not a stock broker, nor qualified to give any form of investment advice. That said investment decisions should not be made based on this post.

Buy low, sell high…

The eggs are organic and cage free.


Investment decisions should never be made based on opinions of people that stand to gain from said discussions. If it can be proven that this discussion was intended to reduce the stock price, or if the intent was to pump the price up (especially by, but not limited to, people with inside information) this could be construed as manipulation.

Either way, this is the wrong place.

These two statements, on the other hand, should be welcome here, especially since they can both be applied to @dicko’s point… :slight_smile:

Are you a monkey? Do you have a news paper? Can you throw darts?

Monkey throwing a copious amount of darts sounds terrifying


*No monkeys were harmed in the making of this study, cannot say the same for the humans.

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