Sangoma ss500 firmware EXP100 firmware issue

I upgraded my S500 to version - it shows upgraded

My ExP 100 will only upgrade to

I am interested in getting the verison hoping it will fix the DIM light issue on the exp module

How do I get the ExP100 to update to the latest I thought it was supposed to do it automatically when I upgraded the S500 firmware to

Can any one help me? Not sure why I upgraded the latest firmware but the exp module did not update

Check if the EXP is still attached to the extension in extension mapping.

If it is, and your PBX is up to date, then contact support.

I just submitted a support ticket on this issue. I will follow up once I get a reply

I never did receive a response from support, BUT . . .

Automagically the exp module updated to this morning and the screen brightness is now excellent

Not sure if support did something remotely ( because I have not heard from them) but all is well

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