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Sangoma ss500 firmware EXP100 firmware issue

(Andrew Byrd) #1

I upgraded my S500 to version - it shows upgraded

My ExP 100 will only upgrade to

I am interested in getting the verison hoping it will fix the DIM light issue on the exp module

How do I get the ExP100 to update to the latest I thought it was supposed to do it automatically when I upgraded the S500 firmware to

EXP100 Won't firmware update
(Andrew Byrd) #2

Can any one help me? Not sure why I upgraded the latest firmware but the exp module did not update

(Itzik) #3

Check if the EXP is still attached to the extension in extension mapping.

If it is, and your PBX is up to date, then contact support.

(Andrew Byrd) #4

I just submitted a support ticket on this issue. I will follow up once I get a reply

(Andrew Byrd) #5

I never did receive a response from support, BUT . . .

Automagically the exp module updated to this morning and the screen brightness is now excellent

Not sure if support did something remotely ( because I have not heard from them) but all is well

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