Sangoma Sipstation trunks

Hi All, i have orderd 10 sip trunks an configured on pbxact, when i dial from cellphone the phone rings no audio i just hear noise i have configure port 5060 and 10000-20000 udp to and and
Thank you

Sounds like a NAT issue. Have you setup your sip NAT settings in the PBX with your local subnets and also defined your extenral IP. Also you can call support during business hours tomorrow it’s free and they can help get you setup correct quickly.

Hi Tony
Yes i have set nat settings and i have setup external ip address i just want to confirm the ports UDP 10000-20000 should be open from anyone or just from freepbx trunks thank you.

Udp 10000 to 20000 has to be from anyone as media can come from hundreds of SBCs.

Thank you Tony
How secure is this by open inbound 10000-20000 ports

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