Sangoma S70x phones and Walkie Talkie Interference

Faraday says “grounded” would work.

No jokes intended, there is obviously a component in the phone that is resonant in that bandwidth, it is likely a pcb trace.

The orientation of that component in the field of the rf source is ‘coupling’ energy into that circuit so with symmetric expectations the orientation of the radio should have equal effect. Maybe the easy way is train the radio operators to limbo dance when near phones. A Faraday shield might help, but I would be tempted to use a conductive spray paint all over they inside of the plastic more a ‘ground plane’ sinking the rf. Grounding is usually helpful but at 500Mhz probably not too needed.

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Something like this:

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That’s a fantastic idea. What do you think, just a standard Zinc spray? I’m willing to actually try that, won’t require me begging a client to use one of their Laser CNC’s.

Honestly I cant say, I would prototype with some spray adhesive, aluminum foil and an x-acto knife first


Wilco. It’ll take me a few days but I’ll report back findings.

I can’t believe it, but it worked!

I got this shielding paint, took apart a S705, removed the electronics and moving parts, masked the parts that would otherwise be on edges or forward facing, painted the inside surface of the phone body (1 coat), put it back together, and blamo problem is gone!!! Would take about 15 minutes per phone now that I got my process down. Yeah buddy!


I’m not surprised it’s kinda a ‘physics’ thing, maybe Sangoma will recompense you the paint (Nah!! , I don’t think so!)

Congratulations, you have successfully dorodango’ed (polished a piece of sh!t)

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… and possibly the labour per phone?:wink:

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I run down rabbit holes to try to fix Oddball problems periodically and usually they lead down the road to nowhere so this is the first time in a while that it’s actually borne fruit.

This would be ridiculously simple and cheap to do during manufacturing so I’m kind of surprised that they don’t already do it…


Yep, it’s called sputter coating or vacuum deposition, it would cost cents per phone

One wonders if anyone from Sangoma might have any input here after apparently saying it can’t/won’t be fixed two years ago . . .


Put in a ticket and list your solution. At the very least, if it comes back up in two years a work-around will be there.

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