Sangoma S705 voicemail button says "Error"

We have a Sangoma S705 that has voicemail enabled. We do not have the voicemails going to any email address. When you press the physical button that’s on the desk phone, the only thing that appears on the screen is a message that says “Error”. Nothing about XML format or anything else. The phones firmware are as follows. BOOT– 13:37:00) IMG– 09:25:00) ROM– 13:54:00) DSP–9.0.3(Patch 1.0.16) We’re on FreePBX Version, Asterisk Version: 13.38.3. I’ve attempted to upgrade the firmware directly on the phone via the IP webpage GUI, but I receive an error saying the update failed and to check my file. I downloaded it multiple times only to have the same outcome. Has anyone encountered this before?

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