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Sangoma s705 Sidetone Adjustment

(Hd908) #1

I have an S705 that I am testing with the latest firmware. There is a 2018 release note that says that it could be adjusted. I cant seem to find it in the endpoint manager or the phones web interface. Thanks

October 29, 2018

  • Issues Resolved:
    • Fix the ability and add settings to increase volume for side tone in S705

(Lorne Gaetz) #2

The adjustment is limited to enable/disable in a basefile edit:

<P20992 para="Preference_OpenSideTone">0</P20992>

0 – Disable, 1 – Enable

(Hd908) #3

Thank you. The firmware release note led me to believe I could adjust it. Are there plans to allow side tone volume adjustments in the future? Are there any other phones that let me control the sidetone levels? This wiki implies I could adjust the sidetone db levels on the digium phones.

(Malcolm Davenport) #4

There are no future plans to allow sidetone adjustment on s-Series phones in the future.
I’m not aware of other phones abilities to allow sidetone adjustments. There may very well be, I just don’t know.
Yes, on the d-Series phones (excepting D80) sidetone adjustments may be made…though I wouldn’t recommend it. The defaults are best.

(Hd908) #5

Thanks, I will test the d65. With the 705, its just not loud enough to mimic a pots line. Do you know whether the A30 allows the side tone adjustment? In general is here a benefit to the d65 over the a30?

(Malcolm Davenport) #6

Sidetone on the D6x and D80 phones is lower than on the previous set of D-Series models (D4x,5x,7x). High-levels of sidetone are not compatible with the handset receiver used by those phones. A30 does not allow sidetone gain adjustment. D65 is a better phone than A30.

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