Sangoma S705, No WiFi, No Ethernet, No Idea

I have 5xS705’s and 1xS500. I provisioned them all automagically in freeBPX, and pushed new firmware versions to all. Everything was good, except one S705 lost WiFi connectivity (does not find any SSID’s in manual scan mode) and Ethernet connectivity also does not work. It will boot from POE, but there is 0 network traffic on the port. I have factory reset the phone a few times, but nothing seems to be working to bring the phone online again. I have a feeling that maybe the phone crashed during a flash, and something got corrupt.

Hmm in the September 9, 2021 firmware release notes, it says… “* Correct occasional error with firmware update over WiFi on model S705 telephones”. How ironic would it have been that my phone got the ‘occasional error’ while updating the firmware to fix said error?

Just an update. I was finally able to get the phone working on the ethernet, for some reason the factory reset still kept locking the phone into WiFi only. After another reset, it finally allowed me to force it back into ethernet mode. I flashed it with an older firmware, and then the newest firmware, and currently everything works, except for WiFi. If I turn on WiFi the phone shows 0 bars, and the network scan is blank. I’m now wondering if maybe this one phone has developed a hardware issue.

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