Sangoma S705 - configuration issues / Bluetooth issue /


S705 with the following FWs:
Boot =

I am trying to replicate the configuration I had on my previous SPA942: 2 lines with extension 507 and one line with extension 544.

The first thing I notice is that if I call 507, only one of the two lines will flash. That’s a different behavior than expected.

The second thing I notice is that the second extension, 544, will not register. Tried changing the password, to no avail.

I’m configured CHAN_SIP.

I noticed I’m unable to put the same port on 507 and 544.

— Second Issue: Bluetooth
I was able to pair my WH-1000XM4 but I can’t do anything with it and it does get disconnected after a few minutes.

3rd issue:
Unable to upload my company logo (27KB, fille name RPD.PNG or RPD.JPG).

I’m scratching my head… any suggestions?