Sangoma S705 Bluetooth feature - Outbound choppy - Inbound Crystal Clear

We purchases a ton of Samgoma S705 for two reasons.

1: The VPN feature on it. It works. We like it.
2: The bluetooth feature to connect your own bluetooth talking device.

We have a ton of users who use Jabra branded bluetooth wireless earbuds. Using the feature and taking calls on it is great. Sounds great with no complaints. However, on the receivers end of the call. They say our voices are just choppy and near impossible to make out our words.

Is anyone else currently experiencing this? I am constantly updating the firmware when I see an update hoping there was some ninja fix. Can the bluetooth module on these phones only operate with specific bluetooth devices?

Any additional info would be awesome.


How did you determine it is a bluetooth issue? When users are making calls with the handset, is it working normally? What about other bluetooth devices, do they work and its just the Jabra?

Here is a list of tested headsets:

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