Sangoma S705 Backround Image

I am trying to add a custom background image to the S705 through the endpoint manager.

I have uploaded jpg & png. I have uploaded different sizes and settled on 480 x 272 per the wiki which results in a 20KB File

The file uploads every time. I choose it in the template for this phone, save and update phones…NOTHING.

I went into the phone settings and tried changing the wallpaper but the only two options are the default Sangoma.

What am I missing? Is there permissions somewhere that I am not enabling?

Thanks guys

What firmware are is your phone on?

The firmware on the phone says which is odd because according to the Sangoma site it says the latest is

Am I not on a stable version? I’ve always let EPM handle the firmware.

Background images on s705 which uses our next Gen CPU had no support for it. It’s coming in the next firmware release which is in QA right now.


Ah, okay. Thanks Tony!

Any word on if this has been addressed?
According to the wiki, firmware version released on 06-01-18 fixed “background image downloads on S705” however I am still not able to get an image onto the S705 via EPM.

What provisioning protocol do you use?

@MidPackPark - this is actually a good question. We have seen several reports of problems with larger files over TFTP. There’s a rather meager size limit in the TFTP protocol, and if your picture causes the transfer to fail, you won’t see it. If you can use http:// or https:// (assuming you have certs installed correctly), the problem might resolve satisfactorily.


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