Sangoma s705 and auto provisioning

Hello. I have to ask. Possible using auto-provisioning for phone Sangoma s705 without paid module Endpoint Manager on FreePBX.
I mean example upload setting(config) from HTTP or FTP server.

Or for using auto-provisioning for phone Sangoma s705 need only FreePBX and module Endpoint Manager
Thanks for the help.

Were you aware that you can use EPM for Sangoma Endpoints free of charge?

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Like Edwin said. Endpoint Manager is free for Sangoma and Digium phones.

However, the image you attached seems to be a Fanvil phone.

Sorry, I found problem. Need using same server freepbx for provision( tftp or ftp or http), this use module endpoint manager. And yes, thanks, this really module free for sangoma phone.

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