Sangoma S705 2 extensions on 1 Phone

Can I have 2 extensions on an S705 and the employee will know what extension/DID the caller called? Right now I have Ext 101 for the Receptionist for their 1 company which the companies main phone number rings to Ext 101… So they obviously know incoming calls are people calling the main company 1 phone number.

This same company (Parent Company) has a 2nd company downstairs that they own. They have a second phone on the PBXact setup as Ext 201 for the same receptionist who answers calls for both companies. The main phone number for Company 2 rings on Ext 201 (the 2nd S705 sitting at the front receptionist desk).

So right now they have 2 phones sitting side by side at the front desk for the 2 companies to ring for the main phone numbers for the 2 companies… They do this because they want to make sure they know who is calling what company, so they can obviously say the right greeting to the incoming caller… example…Good Morning, Thank you for Calling Company 1… Or Good Morning, thank you for calling Company 2…

So the question is. Can both extensions (101 and 201) ring on just one S705… but the receptionist be able to tell what company (DID) the incoming caller has called?? If the answer is yes… will they be able to tell what company the incoming caller has called if they are on an active call and have a call coming on ???

This is commonly done with a Caller ID Name Prefix. You can define your prefixes on the inbound routes and elsewhere such as ring groups, etc. Then when a call arrives at the local extension it will show something like C1: Joe Blotz or C2: Joe Blotz. You can also assign different ring tones for each call type.

Multiple extensions on a single device is supported in EPM: EPM-Admin User Guide - PBX GUI - Documentation

I don’t have a 705 set up next to me, I don’t recall what displays by default on an incoming call when the phone is in use. It may display CID number, or both CID Name and number. Easy enough to test for yourself.

Ok this is a good start thank you! I have a test S705 in the shop here Ill provision on our shop PBX as youve outlined before deploying this to the client. Appreciate the fast response.

This is all working perfectly. Appreciate the help!

2 extensions setup on the receptionist s705… CallerID Name Prefix is setup on Company 1 and Company 2 incoming DID… Prefix comes up before CNAME on all incoming calls, even if they are on a call…

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