Sangoma S700 OpenVPN + Router


My goal is to have the following setup:

Laptop --> Sangoma 700 w/OpenVPN --> FreePBX Server ==> Corporate LAN

So far, I have OpenVPN working on the phone, and can make calls from the phone to the network. Beautiful. But I would also like to plug a laptop into the phone, and have it use the OpenVPN tunnel to access the file server, along with a Remote Desktop session. At this point, let’s ignore any bandwidth concerns.

As mentioned, the phone is on the network, and making calls. I notice, however, that the phone is using the PxP IP address of the OpenVPN setup, and not the local address of my FreePBX 13 server. This means that the FreePBX server is NOT routing packets, and using the FreePBX server as an endpoint. OpenVPN can be configured to pass packets through to access beyond the tunnel endpoint. Also, if I attempt to change the Sangoma 700 networking from Bridge to Router, when I SaveSet (and then the phone reboots), the setting reverts back to As Bridge.

I do have One Touch configuration setup through the Sangoma / FreePBX portal. Thus, I believe that the phone is grabbing that configuration and over-writing my manual desire to Route.

==> I also noticed I cannot factory default the phone anymore. The phone reboots, and grabs the config from Sangoma, and well, a blank phone is no longer available. Ok.

So, this means that the EPM has to be able to configure these particulars. I have looked over the settings, and do not see these features available.

How do I program this?


Look in your VPN Server setup on the PBX. You can enable gateway mode in it.

As far as EPM yes any changes made in the GUI gets overridden by the config file meaning nothing in the PHONE GUI will be saved when you reboot.

Hello Tony,

Thank you for your response. Hope all is well with you.

The problem with Gateway Mode is that it will route all traffic through the VPN. I just want a route for the internal LAN to be provided, so that traffic destined for internal servers will go through the VPN, and the rest of the traffic (Google / Wikipedia / Facebook) will not go through the phone VPN, and just go through the normal link out the local router to the wild internet. OpenVPN allows for a granular configuration of the protocol to push the local office route, without forcing all traffic.

Also, as EPM is overwriting the phone GUI, how do I tell EPM to enter Router Mode, configure the phone as a DHCP server, and so forth? I assume that you guys haven’t coded that yet, Is it on the radar? I would like to enable Syslog, SNMP, and some other neat things that the Sangoma phones are capable of, yet EPM doesn’t have the hooks.



In your template in EPM their is a option under the options tab that says GUI or config file wins on cfict. Pick web GUI

More importantly look in your VPN server aetup and make sure you have the routes set to yes at the bottom for networks you want it to route. Then you don’t need gateway mode.

Hello Tony. I had to put project aside in favor of other activities. Will look into this and get back with you. Thanks.