Sangoma S700 Config Question

Hey guys,

I have a user that is working remotely and I want to use Sangoma’s S700 handset as their handset as it is able to do VPN.

I know everything with the handset is configured via EPM so do I ship the phone to me, configure it with EPM and then send it to the remote user?


That doesn’t sound right, but since it’s a Sangoma phone, you could also open a commercial ticket, I would think.

@alpha202bd it makes no difference where the phone is located as long as the following are satisfied:

  • enable provisioning on your PBX with your desired protocol, configure System Admin (ports and provisioning protocols) and Firewall as necessary
  • Configure the zero touch redirect server with the provisioning details for your PBX for your phone(s), ensuring to include the necessary provisioning authentication (if configured) and port.
  • When the phone is first powered up it will contact the zero touch server for its provisioning details. As long as the phone is able to reach the zero touch server, and your PBX provisioning server, it will provision and register.

If you need to reset anything, setting the phone to factory default will force it to resync with the zero touch server again.