Sangoma S505 Visual Voicemail Won't Close

Alright, I am at my witt’s end with this anomaly! First off, I will provide version information in a follow-up post, I just don’t have access to that information at the moment. What I can say is that I just applied system and module updates about a week ago on this PBXAct 15 server.

I am using Sangoma S505 phones, with the latest firmware (3.87 if I remember correctly).

  • A user opens the Visual Voicemail app to listen to and delete voicemail messages.
  • The user can not return to the main screen. Pressing the “exit” button flashes the main screen, but then returns to the visual voicemail app.
  • Factory resetting the phone resolves the issues for a day or two, but then it happens again.
  • I have also re-installed the “Phone Apps” module on the server.

I wanted to create this post while I had a chance to see if anyone has any ideas. So far I am not seeing any log errors, but it is so confusing since this is my only PBXAct instance that is experiencing this problem.

I will continue to troubleshoot, since I believe this may be more of a user error, or even physical damage to the phone, but have anyone of you experienced this problem? The phones I did factory reset truly would not exit the voicemail app when you press the exit button.

I just learned of another report of this earlier today. Open a support ticket so you can piggyback the other report:

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