Sangoma s505 not keeping IP


  • DHCP Server on location 1
  • IP Phone (s500 and s505) on location 2
  • XBOX on location 2


  • The XBOX is connected to the IP Phone via ethernet
  • The IP Phone and XBOX will receive an IP from location 1
  • The XBOX will maintain the IP address from location 1
  • The IP Phone will drop the IP address 30 seconds after it receives it
  • The IP Phone will keep the DNS settings, not the IP address
  • I can Ping the XBOX from location 1, through the phone

Why am I losing the IP address on the phone? I tried with 2 different phones. One that I used before, and a new one I just bought to test with because of this issue.

Logs from the DHCP server and a packet capture close to (or on) the DHCP client will be most helpful here. Check your DHCP server for sane settings, make sure lease time isn’t crazy low. Logs from the phone might help as well.

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