Sangoma s500

I’m running freepbx and trying to provision a Sangoma s500 phone. I’m using pjsip 5060 and can’t seem to get the phone provisioned. Any suggestions please?

The provisioning port is like 83.
The SIP port for PJ-SIP may or may not be 5060, depending on your configuration.

Which one are you talking about?

I’m using :83 for the provisioning port. I’m creating the extension with pjsip on port 5060

OK - now that we’re on the same page.

What is it not doing (or doing)? These Sangoma phones have a close relationship to FreePBX and are very close to automatic to install.

Have you opened an Issues ticket? Since it’s a Sangoma phone and a FreePBX server, they guys on the help desk should be able to get you squared away pretty quickly.

If you want to track here instead, we’re going to need things like the versions of FreePBX and your phone’s firmware. Your version of EPM should be free, since you are using Sangoma phones, so the problem may be related to that installation.

With what we have right now, it’s going to be really hard for us to do more than guess. A little more information from you will help us narrow the problem down much quicker.

I have not opened an Issues ticket. I think it had something to do with the responsive firewall. I added the network to the trusted network and the phone provisioned. I thought that the phones could be provisioned from multiple locations without known networks.

If you search back through the forum, you see a lot of posts about problems with provisioning Sangoma phones from remote networks. There’s a set of steps you need to go through to make them work. One of the ways is to make sure the network they are on is Trusted.

You done good.

If you have a firewall running you need to open the port for intial provisioning or trust the network the phone is on. Responsive firewall if about registrations but the phone can register until it has a config.

So if you were deploying in multiple locations would your recommendations be to open the provisioning port 83 and leave it open or trust the provisioning network?

If they are in a trusted network, you open the port to trusted networks. If they are in the wild, you have to be more selective (or use something like VPN or DDNS).