Sangoma S500 Super laggy?

This phone just came in. Very nice but it is super slow switching between screens or dialing numbers. Any idea what causes this?

What firmware do you have?

BOOT– 11:10:00)
IMG– 17:32:00)
ROM– 17:36:00)
DSP–9.0.3(Patch 1.0.0)

We have also noticed this. Also the calls are choppy if you receive a call after not using it for a while. We don’t have this issue with any other phones on our system. BTW running latest firmware on all the phones. Seems like it has trouble coming out of a low power state.

BOOT– 11:10:00)
IMG– 14:33:00)
ROM– 14:39:00)
DSP–9.0.3(Patch 1.0.0)

Are you using EPM to provision it?

This is something that should be in a sticky thread. Tony asked if its being provisioned because if it isn’t then the phone performance can be extremely poor.

Basically if it can’t access the provisioning server it will try to provision itself every 30 seconds. The phone becomes pretty much unusable. The call quality is horrible and latency on the phone jumps.

To fix it you need to disable provisioning, completely remove the provisioning url and reboot.

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No we are not. Where would I disable that on the phone? Thanks.

Ok well our phones are designed for FreePBX and EPM only at this time. We cant be supporting phones across all the 1 off custom setups at this time.

Ok. So we are using Freepbx and they were orginally setup using the EPM. They were laggy so I deleted the reference in the EPM and it did not seem to make a difference.I will add them back right now. Is there something else on the phone side that needs to be done? Thanks.

No with EPM they should operate just fine. If you are seeing something laggy please take a video with your phone of it and open a support ticket at under the phone department.

It seems like it happens after we leave the phones alone for an undetermined amount of time, like they are coming out of a low power mode. Once we use them for a few seconds the responsiveness gets better.

Are you using a screen saver?

We were but I have it disabled now.

Let me know if that solves it as again I am not seeing those issues here and the only people reporting laggy is when they are not using EPM so they are hand confiuguring the phone.

I think that was it. I did not have the provisioning set up correctly on the phone side. They seem to be working fine now. Thanks for the help.

Dang i really wish this was front and center or something included with the phone to indicate this issue. We just tried one out to make a final decision on our end points and didn’t set it up in EPM, just configured a quick sip account on it to test drive it for call quality. The laggy UI cut it from our consideration.