Sangoma S500 SIP Registration via VPN

Running FreePBX 10.13.66-17 all modules are up to date. I have setup the VPN and have setup EPM to use the vpn client. The client phone gets a VPN IP address and establishes a connection to the VPN server. However the extension does not register. If I log into the phone web GUI, I can go to the account section and see that there is an option called Connect Mode at the bottom of the page. It is set to Local by default. If I change it to VPN, the account registers correctly and all is well. Is there any way to have the phones automatically switch to VPN mode automatically rather than having to log into each phone individually?

When you set an extension to use VPN in EPM we change the register address to be the VPN IP address of the PBX. You should not need to do anything else we do not all in the config.

Thank you Tony. I enabled the “Redirect Gateway” option in VPN Server settings and reset the phone to factory. On re-provisioning, everything seems to be working as expected. Keep up the amazing work. It is much appreciated.