Sangoma S500 Phone, assigning BLF crashes phone

hi there.

i have a couple of freepbx running and i am absolutely pleased with it. this is just a great piece of software. thank you for that!

now i am about to do a fresh installation of a freepbx system, along with sangoma phones.

freepbx version: 12.7.4-1804-2.sng7
sangoma s500 fw version:
as far as i can tell, it is all up-to-date. last updates installed just right now.

provisioning is going over dhcp option and tftp. and it works like a charm.

now to my issues. it seems i cannot assign blf buttons to the phones. when a blf button is activated through endpoint manager, the phone constantly reboots.

i am proceeding like the wiki-article suggests:

that is basically:

  1. opening the sangoma template
  2. on available phones clicking the s500, the editor pops open
  3. picking for example line key 2, setting type to blf, and inserting label 11 and value 11, since that is the extension i want to monitor

hint, and that looks important to me: i cannot change the alert mode. it is preselected to none. if i click one of the other possible states, it will deactivate to never be activated again. not visual, not audio, and not none. closing the template and reopening it, highlights again none.
EDIT: there is a setting on the options tab of the template “BLF Alert”. this is working and is also correctly changing the state of the option within the selected phone model, if applied.

  1. save model, and then recreate the config file.

when i now propagate the change to the phone - force update phone config - the phone will start rebooting until i remove the blf mapping from the template.

during those reboots, the line key (#1) shows the phone will not register to the freepbx backend.

i hope the description is clear enough. did i leave anything out? i really hope someone knows what is going on. since the tight integration between freepbx and sangoma phones was my key to picking those.

thanks for any idea.


I would try to factory reset the phone, and try again.

I don’t think it’ll help, but i would provision over http instead of tftp.

If you don’t find help here, open a ticket with Sangoma.

You also may need to disable some feature codes if your using 2 digit extensions. I would recommend using at least 3 digit extensions to avoid conflicts.

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thank you for your thoughts!

nobody else is facing this issue? if it was to be either my 2digit extensions or a pending factory reset, my guess would be someone else should have stumbled across this. i am quite puzzled…

is anyone of sangoma customer service reading this forum? the issue is the same on all 7 of 7 phones.

thank you so far.

Yes they are hanging out here, however, official Sangoma support for these phones are free, click the link on top. they are very responsive and helpful.

hi there.

the issue is resolved now. i opened a ticket in the sangoma support portal and got in touch with a support staff member. he ssh’d into our freepbx-vm and was able to figure it out.

in the endpoint manager i used the hostname “freepbx.domain.local” in the template for the sangoma phones. that caused the bootloop. using the ip or a different hostname resolved it.

thanks goes out to the sangoma support. the response time as well as the result, and your flexibility was absolutely outstanding. thank you!


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