Sangoma s500 not configuring correctly?

I’m at a loss, been trying two get these sangoma s500s to work with my freepb server(s). Its a weird issue, they are picking up the configs from the server but they are the wrong ones, well more like the old ones. It lets me point it at a server, but its picking up a config thats no longer being set. In the endpoint manager its set to use extension 1234 but its “locked” to 4321. Even a factory reset did not clear it out, Ive registered this phones before and never ran into issues before.

Go into tftpboot directory and look at the config for your mac address and see what it shows.

What files am I looking for? Theres a ton in there cause we use sccp b. Looked for the mac address file but didnt see it could it be in a sub folder?

If your MAC address is ‘123123123abc’, log into the console as ‘root’ and use something like this:

find /tftpboot -name ‘*123123123[aA][bB][cC]*’

That should give you every file that’s associated with that phone. Just like with SCCP-B, the MAC address of the phone is the factor that makes the thing work. You can do something like the following to find references in your ‘/var/log/messages’ file:

grep ‘\123123123[aA][bB][cC]’ /var/log/messages

Once you find these references, you can validate that the Sangoma specific settings in the DHCP server are correct.

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Hmm I wonder if its not being created.
find /tftpboot -name '00505850[aA][aA]6[fF]'
Turned up nothing. And just manually looking through there is nothing that matches.

Remember the asterisks on the front and back of that - it’s not a grep, it’s looking for specific file names without wildcards.

Still no results turning up. Guess the files are not being created for some reason.