Sangoma S500 BLF Long Press Idle State not working like I want it to

I set up the option in the EndPoint Manager or on the phone, same deal.
My setup.
BLF Short Press Idle State *80
BLF Short Press In Use State *
BLF Long Press Idle State (if this is left blank I have troubles)
BLF Long Press In Use State *
BLF Long Press Ring State **

I want to have BLF long press when idle to ring the phone. If I leave this blank and I press the button, I get the short press option or the option to edit the button, never just the extension number stored under this button.
I think it’s a nondesplayed option.

That would be a bug it sounds like. Can you open a bug report under phone project at

Thanks for the quick response. I will add it to the tracker.

I think it just broke as it was working in recent firmware when I was doing some training. It’s one of the things that we don’t have coverage on in QA yet. Sorry about that.

Same thing here.

I can’t simply configure the BLF Long Press In Use State to prefix *

When I try to transfer a call to voicemail with a long press it simply transfers to the users extension.

Latest version of PBXact and S500 firmware…

What your reporting is something different.

The short and long press feature only works when you are in a idle state. If you are on a call that means you are not idle so your long press won’t work.

I guess that makes sense why it doesn’t work then.

Is there a way to make the transfer to voicemail work without having to have 2 buttons for each user on the expansion set? I got around this before by having the users extension as a blf key and another as a speedial to their voicemail.