Sangoma s500 and EPM

I created both internal and external templates. I can provision the phone internally no problem. What am I missing to provision it externally? I have already tried the VPN and it didn’t work. Can i get some expert help please?

two things

  1. the phone must be told where the config server is located and how to talk to it and request its config

  2. the phone must be able to access it’s config files with the info provided above

if you are using redirect the settings published for the device must take into account its environment ie public or private IP , if fqdn how is it resolving for the phone , etc

when i have an issue with provisioning i like tailing the apache access log to verify that its pulling the config with http and then moving from that point to a more secure method if desired

upgrade the fw of the phone directly if its terribly far behind as well

redirect, with portal, is not being used. this sangoma phone was not tied to the portal when purchased years ago. fw is updated on phone. public ip and port are stated in external template as well as user name and password. Firewall ports are opened to allow the provisioning to happen.

Do i need the redirect server in order to provision these phones or can i do it without the redirect server?

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