Sangoma S305 Phone Login Error

The login button on the phone gives me the message “Error” no matter what I enter. Here’s my setup:

  • FreePBX
  • Asterisk 13.22.0
  • Sangoma S305 IP Phone
  • Config server path is set to t he IP of FreePBX
  • PJSIP extension 2204 created under Application->Extensions with secret 2204 and the user password set to 2204

I press the login button and key in 2204 for both the username and password, hit done, and the screen says ‘Error’ but nothing else. What do I need to do to allow this to log in? Where are the error logs? Is there any documentation that explains this?

I’ve been going through the Sangoma PBXact videos but it seems too different to FreePBX and doesn’t explain how to get the login working. There doesn’t seem to be any up to date information anywhere else that I can find either.

Does it says something more than ‘error’?
Are the phones and the PBX on the same network? If not, did you open the necessary ports?
Did you enable it in EPM?
Does this usee have the proper permissions in User Management?

No, it only says ‘Error’ on the phone’s display and has an exit button.

Yes, the phone and the FreePBX VM are both on the same subnet. I have disabled the firewall on FreePBX.

I have not configured an extension mapping in Endpoint Manager because that removes the login button and I need people to be able to log in anywhere.

I have tried explicitly setting the following but I still get “Error” on the phone display:

  • Phone Apps > General > Allow Access to ‘Yes’
  • Phone Apps > Other Apps > Enable Login/Logout Access to ‘Yes’

I misread the wiki and it is not the user’s password but in fact the “Phone User Password” set in End Point Manager > Global Settings

The password by default is your voicemail password. If you do not have a voicemail box set up on your account, you would use the “User Password” as defined in the End Point Manger Global Settings.

By using this password I can log in to the phone with an extension. This is a bad way of handling hot desking though because the user could easily key in the wrong extension and log in as someone else because everyone would use the same password.

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