Sangoma S305 Login Input Mode

Hello, I would like to default the username & password input modes to numeric only but I cannot find any configuration options for it through EndPoint Manager. How can I set the default input mode?

If it’s not possible to change the input mode then can someone please explain how they manage agents hot-desking in a call centre environment?

Are you talking about the login Phone App? If so what is the Phone App (restapps) module version?

Hi Lorne, the phone apps module is 14.0.17. I think that is what we’re using to log in and out of the phone.

I can’t reproduce this, but it’s not working for you as I would expect. Please open a commercial module support ticket.

Here’s a video showing what I mean I want my agents to be able to log in with their extension number and a numeric only password so would want to make sure the Phone Apps login defaults to numbers only.

Is this something that’s possible or is it always going to be troublesome to log in?

@lgaetz Hi Lorne, can you please take a look at that video and let me know what you think? I’m not reporting an error, I’m asking how to do something so there isn’t really anything for you to ‘reproduce’ as you say.

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