Sangoma Property Manager - "The package 'at' is missing"

About to test Sangoma Property Manager in Freepbx 13. When launching Property Manager this alert appears at the top:

“Warning! The package ‘at’ is missing. Please, upgrade sangoma-pbx, run ‘yum update -y’ and try again.”

It sounds like it’s telling us to upgrade Freepbx, which would mean 13 to 14.

How do we get the package called ‘at’ ?

That command will not upgrade you to 14. You need to run it to ensure you have the correct version of the sangoma-pbx rpm.

When the time comes to upgrade to 14 you will use this procedure:

What is the procedure to “upgrade sangoma-pbx”? I ran yum update -y and the result was that there are no packages to update.

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