Sangoma Property Management Module?

I no longer see the sangoma property management module in the edge release. Has it been pulled back?

It’s still there. It’s named “Sangoma Property Management” now.

Would there be a reason why an OEM FreePBX distro would not see this module in edge view? My system is completely up to date and on edge status and there is no sangoma property management option under module admin.

I don’t know or understand what you mean by “OEM”

Probably the wrong verbiage on my part. We are an OEM/White Label partner of Sangoma and your FreePBX product.

If your PBX does not say “FreePBX” then at this time you can not get the Sangoma Property Manager.

I suggest talking to your account representative for more information

That explains it. I’ll send him an email. Thanks!

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