Sangoma PRI gateway: Vega appliance experience?

We use Sangoma PCI digital telephony card (A101DX) since the beginning and it rock solid under Trixbox or now FreePBX. Our system is virtualized with VMware Esxi. It was not too hard to get working under VMware with proper hardware and PCI passthrough.

But now we want to upgrade the server and get rid of one inconvenient with this setup: we can’t do vmotion with VMware PCI passthrough. I’m thinking to replace the Sangoma card with Sangoma Vega 100G. We have only one PRI with 15 channels.

The specs seems identical between PCI card or appliance but just to be sure do you have some experience with Sangoma Vega Appliance? The PCI card have a good echo cancel and lifetime warranty was great. Can we expect the same level of reliability and quality with Sangoma appliance? All comments will be appreciate!


Yes the Vega100 is a rock solid platform and the Vega line has been around for over 10 years now.