Sangoma portal register of Ubuntu Freepbx Server

Am trying to register my Ubuntu server in the portal as sipstation support says I need paid support to fix my SMS issue, they feel my Freepbx is mis-configured.

We donā€™t provide support on non FreePBX Distro systems.

Well sipstation support person told me to buy support time for the freepbx support people to assist me.

That is normally correct but they also are not 100% familiar with FreePBX support and FreePBX support is only available to customers using FreePBX Distro. We do not provide support on any other platform from Sangoma.

In that case how do I get my money back

MOney back for what? If support open a customer service request at and they can refund.

Thank you for your lack of support, we will move on good bye.

Your question was answered. To request a refund, browse to

and open a ticket of type ā€œCustomer Serviceā€.

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