Sangoma Phones

Thanks Tony. Everything you outlined above has worked.

With regards to locking the menu. The only downside I have is that the padlock is displayed, and keypad is locked is placed on the screen of the phone. Do you believe there will be an option in the future to disable the menu option?

One more thing; is there a concept of Daylight saving, and if so how does one configure this?


The Menu on the horizontal softkey can be removed in EPM already. The hard menu key will have a pcode for removal in the firmware due out in mid Dec so that you can remap any of the hard prg keys to whatever you want include have them map to nothing.

Yes the phones have day light savings. Just pick the timezone you want and it will apply the day light savings if that time zone has day light savings.

Excellent, thanks

My timezone list looks like this, we spend some of the year a GMT +13, and the rest as GMT +12… although other countries in GMT +13 stay as +13 the entire time - so I dont think this will work.


Aren’t you essentially describing daylight savings?

If so, that should be manageable as long as the appropriate rules are put in place…

Good luck and have a nice day!


With +13 we already handle DST for you. That is why their is not No DST opition like with -07:00 where some have DST and others do not.

I note you have a NZ background ref

So sympathies but probably best to set Time zone to perhaps




as appropriate and not a generic +13 (you might need to do that outside the GUI)

Hi Tony

Can you please explain the GMT +13.00 DST rules.

As in NZ we typically go by GMT +12.00 - but there are several countries that also have GMT +12.00

  • FIJI
  • RUSSIA (ZONE 11- Petropavlovsk-Kamchatskiy, Anadyr, Kamchatka, Chukotka; Severo-Kurilsk)
  • TUVALU (Funafuti)
  • ANTARCTICA (Amundsen-Scott (South Pole) Station - USA)
  • ANTARCTICA (McMurdo Station - USA)
  • ANTARCTICA (Scott Station - N.Z.)

The regions in bold all have day light savings, but they all have different start and end dates.

For example, Fiji, DST starts at Sunday, 6 November 2016, 2:00 a.m, where it moves forward by 1hr, on the Sunday, 15 January 2017, 3:00 a.m it moves back 1 hour.

In New Zealand, DST started on Sunday, 25 September 2016, 2:00:00 a.m. clocks were turned forward 1 hour, and it will end on Sunday, 2 April 2017, 3:00:00 a.m. clocks are turned backward 1 hour…


Problem is it appears to set P64 value…

however it is setting this to a number… is 104 looks to equal +13:00, and 29 equals -3:00… not sure if this is some standard; but either way, its something I’m not familiar with.


Not familiar with ‘P64 value’. I’m a little rusty with RedHat (in debian it’s just tzselect) but a little googleing should get you there to set Linux to use NZ times and you will probably have to set your php.ini tz also to Pacific/Auckland so the linux ‘data’ and FreePBX’s php code agree

date.timezone = Pacific/Auckland

Thanks Dicko - All appears good on the Redhat/FreePBX/PHP side. The issue I am having is getting the correct timezone set on the phone, using End Point Manager… I have limited options available to me within the EPM GUI.

I tried to look at editing the base files directly; but that required knowing what P64 value to set for New Zealand.


That would have to be one for Sangoma, as you can see from the wikipedia link there are way more “TimeZones” than 24 in tzdata and more exceptions than Arizona :wink:

Sorry to have got in the way. . .

No worries @dicko, your assistance is appreciated.

@tonyclewis do you have any other ideas on what I can try, or is this a bug/feature request?


You would need to open a feature request for this. I know it can be done in config files we just need to expose more in the GUI to let you set your own schedule for day light savings time.

Hi Tony

If you can locate the values i need to set in the basefiles that would get me across the mark for now. Will get a feature request logged.


I am not sure which is why I mentioned to open a feature request please on this.

Thanks - all done -

I guess the point is to Sangoma or anyone who tries to mess with Timezones, that you just cant use “hours” offset alone from UTC , obviously any one in the northern hemisphere will not agree with the southern hemisphere as to “summer time” and many timezones are on the :30 minute difference some on the :45 so I would suggest that someone looks at that provisioning and be more “universal” just get past the very limited 24 timezones and occasional exceptions and use the more applicable locales that tzdata provides.


Our phone already support it. It’s just exposing the base file edits as EPM was designed to be for all manufactures and each on is different. You may never have seen it but lots of manufactures support very few options for time zones.

Anyways this is being addressed in EPM for sangoma phones since we control the firmware in the phones and can do whatever we want and we fully support all time zones and any day light savings customization.

True, but many phones will also accept offset time from DHCP, and DHCP time set will be coordinate from the underlying servers tzdata setting. I am pleased that you see the current inadequacies however.

I have friends in Europe (I am in North America) which are in DST at about the same time of the year as but IIRC they start about two week after us and end about a week before us and we are both in the northern hemisphere…

DST is really a mess the world over…