Sangoma Phone - VPN file won't be provisioned

Hi there,

The VPN tarball file won’t be provisioned to brand new Sangoma phones with an outdated firmware if the EPM template is set with a firmware slot.

The remote phone will be provisioned, updated (firmware) and VPN Activated (phone’s display), but on its webif under Network/Advanced/VPN you will see “File does not exist”.

Even after rebooting the phone or do a manual “Autoprovision now” on the webif, it won’t get its VPN tarball file, only a factory reset will do the trick since the phone already has the same firmware forced via EPM.

Freepbx 14/Asterisk 13 (fully patched)
EndPoint Manager:
Sangoma S500 Minor version: IMG– | Major version: IMG–

Thank you.

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