Sangoma phone translation


I want translate the LCD and GUI Sangoma phones. I have an account in weblate and I did this for FreePBX modules. but I can’t do anything in Sangoma Phone, commercial modules and Zulu. Can you guide me what should I do?



Are you talking of the restful apps? If so, see this:

and this:

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@psdk, Do you get an error when trying to translate commercial modules, Zulu or Sangoma Phones in weblate?

Thanks for reply. for Zulu and commercial yes I receive “Internal Server Error”, but for Sangoma Phone I added new language but the string numbers is 0.

Restfull Apps are already translated. They added the feature to weblate a few months ago.

German is already translated to 100%

Sorry, I haven’t translated in a while and couldn’t check from here, I assumed that the situation had not changed…

Thank you and have a nice day!


@psdk I sent you a private message to get some additional information so that we can get this resolved for you and will check back in the morning.