Sangoma Phone - TLS Registration

Hi guys,

I have been trying to setup my Sangoma S500 (latest firmware available: to register my FreePBX 13 server (modules up-to-date) using TLS.

I am using a Letsencrypt certificate and I followed the instructions given on this webminar:

I am able to successfully register my Bria softphone from my Mac and iPhone.

On the asterisk console I am constantly getting this warning:

[2017-05-14 11:20:37] WARNING[28092]: tcptls.c:731 handle_tcptls_connection: FILE * open failed!

Any thoughts?







Permission issues. Asterisk can’t open the certificate file. Maybe fwconsole crown.

Hi Andrew,

You got me there, how can I fwconsole crown?

Very first google result:

I ran the fwconsole crown command, but it did not help.

I just noticed that by disabling: Only Accept Trusted Certificates under Trusted Certificate on the phone’s webif, the phone got registered. It seems the phone doesn’t like the certificate.

…and as I mentioned before my Bria phone is able to register to the same extension.

Any input guys?

Isn’t the command really suppose to be

fwconsole chown

NOT fwconsole crown

Thanks for the observation Frank, it was typo.

The command ran properly, I used the verbose switch, so that I was able to see all the permissions being change for all the files.