Sangoma Phone System 10 Restore

I was in the process of setting up a phone system 10 to replace a PC as the server. I did a full backup and then tried to restore to the phone system 10 to avoid needing to reconfigure everything. That seems to have broken it, as now it cannot connect to asterisk.

Is there any easy way to fix this? In any case the system came with a USB flash drive and I would also like the instructions to “factory restore and default the box” back to the original factory config.


Only way to restore to factory is to reinstall. Did you do a backup of the same version that you tried to restore? Meaning was it a FreePBX 13 box that you backed up.

As far as reinstall follow our normal wiki on installing the ISO.

Just use the thumb drive that came with the system and go into the BIOS and tell it to book from USB