Sangoma Phone Noise Cancellation Handsets


I have a couple of phones out in a factory. I’m trying to get the company switched over to sangoma phones (they’re current using yealink), gradually.

There is so much noise out in the factory, that if I guy makes a call from one, all you can hear is background noise - and we’re trying to use these as paging stations! Paging results in a catastrophic cacophony and gets you dirty looks.

I found a company that makes noise cancellation devices for phone handsets for factories, and builds/sells the handsets. Not sure if it’s kosher to post the link, but I will and a mod can kill it if it’s naughty.

So he’s custom making handsets, but hasn’t heard of Sangoma yet, so i was wondering if there was some sort of form factor or if Sangoma uses a handset similar to another major brand/model of phone? Basically, how could I ask for a handset he is likely to be able to supply, that would fit on my Sangoma S400?

Alternatively, does Sangoma have any plans to offer a handset for this kind of noisy environment?

I discovered the concept of ‘side tone’ and how that can cause issues in loud environments, so I tried turning that down on the existing Yealink phones, and it does sound better. There’s definitely still background noise, though; I have yet to try a page with it, since I’m only on site about once/week.

I’m considering getting an older analog phone with a classic design that I can get a handset with noise cancellation built for, and just using an ATA to get it to connect. Not sure what to look for there, either, but it does open up my options.

I saw that Polycom makes the ‘acoustic fence’ but that seems a little drastic to me, in terms of price tag. Not sure if it would work in this environment, either; seems to be made for office environments and large conference rooms, not factories or other large, loud spaces with plenty of echo and constant machine noise.

Check out the Viking Electronics company. They make all sorts of specialty instruments in both SIP and POTS variants. I’m pretty sure they have noise-cancelling and PTT handsets that should do what you need.

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Excellent suggestion; I can see they have several phones with noise cancellation for operation in noisy environments. Unfortunately, they’re all a ‘speaker on the wall’ with a single button to dial out. This would be fine if there were… more buttons. I need 4.

I ended up getting a Cisco SPA504G, since the company made cisco handsets with noise cancellation. Curious point: The handsets fit the Yealink T38G base unit perfectly. There should be some kind of matrix for this information!

Now I’m having trouble getting the Cisco phone to dial out, but that’s another ball of wax and I’m sure I just need to do a little googling.


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