Sangoma Phone GUI Firmware Version Does Not Match EPM

The wiki ( says Sangoma firmware version was released 2019-07-12.

I updated the firmware per

I ran the script

for ext in rasterisk -x 'sip show peers'|grep -E "^[0-9]"|grep OK|cut -d "/" -f1;do rasterisk -x “sip show peer $ext”;done|grep -E "Useragent|Name "

(Thanks, @dicko) and got the following output:

  • Name : 509
    Useragent : Sangoma S406 V3.0.4.67

In the phone GUI I see

 	Firmware Version 	BOOT-- 09:58:00)
IMG-- 09:44:00)
ROM-- 09:44:00)
DSP--9.0.3(Patch 1.0.16)

I am not sure if the phones updated, and I am confused that the version reported to asterisk and in the GUI is a higher number but earlier date than the version in the wiki. What am I not getting here?

fwconsole ma listonline | grep endpoint

Should result in this

| endpoint             | 14.0.9     | Enabled and up to date                      | Commercial  |

We talked here about this about six weeks ago. I think that number is the “firmware bundle” version. It contains several firmware files which all have their own version numbers. I may be conflating another topic, but it seems to me there’s a third version number that’s expressed in EPM, apparently designed specifically to confound and confuse the average non-Sangoma employee.

It does seem a bit confusing. I drag bundle 1.57 into firmware slot 1 and get firmware which release notes say was 07/12/2019 then update they phones and they say 3.04.67 from 06/25/2019.

That makes perfect sense. :crazy_face:

Then my customer asks me if the phones are updated and I say, “I have to ask Sangoma.” I should have written down what the phone GUI said before I updated the firmware (or think I updated the firmware.)

Maybe someday some kind Sangoma employee like @tonyclewis could get the versions we can expect to see in the phone GUI posted with the Firmware Release Notes.

You didn’t get the word:

Check his job title - the word “former” is included prominently. :frowning:

On the other hand, we do have a new crew of folks that are more than willing to help, including Chris @dolesec . I’d probably start with a Feature Request for a Wiki that explains this dark juju.

When I refer to the S series firmware, I generally use only the digits after the last dot. From a user’s perspective, those are the only significant digits. I don’t look at the date. So if you are looking for the most recent published firmware as of today, you are looking for .67.

In case anybody cares, the first digit refers to the hardware platform of the phone. So the original S300 /500/700 use 2.X and the replacement models, the S 305/505/705 use 3.X. I don’t even know what the middle digits are reserved for, but they remain unchanged since day one, so I just ignore them.

Duh! Actually I did, but I had a senior moment. Thanks for the reminder.

Thanks, @lgaetz. However here’s what I in EPM 14.09:
And I still see no way to map that back to what I see in Asterisk or the phone GUI, so I can’t tell what firmware version the phone is really on.

I will follow Dave’s advice and put in a feature request.

The part showing Version=1.57 is just an arbitrary label used by EPM for firmware bundles, it has no bearing on actual fw version.

If you are provisioning phones using slot 1, and they are successfully downloading the fw from the provisioning server, then pressing Menu, Status, Information on the phone will show the firmware version ending in .67. Likewise, if provisioning with slot 2, the phone will report a fw version ending in .63.

Thanks, @lgaetz. You are of course correct. I just did the whole process in my lab with an s700, and the versions all match. Apparently my customer phones were NOT updated, but now at least I know that.

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