Sangoma Phone Desktop sometimes no ringback tone


sometimes we have no ringback tone when doing a call with Sangoma Phone Desktop. The phone is ringing on the other end and when the phone is picked up both parties can talk to each other. This issue occurs random. I even have it on internal calls. Restarting the application fixes the problem. I had it on MacOS and Windows. I never have this problem in the old softphone Zulu. There is no antivirus software installed which could be the problem. Does anyone have the same problem?

Is there a log I could provide?

Kind regards

Hi @joni1802 Could you please download the below edge release of Sangoma Connect module and give a try ?

fwconsole ma downloadinstall sangomaconnect --tag= for PBX 15 Or
fwconsole ma downloadinstall sangomaconnect --tag= for PBX 16


I have updated the package now from to I will test the new release for the next couple of days and I will give an update here.

Had the same issue today again. Called internal numbers and there were no ringback tones.
Here is a call from my extension 11 to my colleagues extension 19:
After restarting the Sangoma Phone Desktop it works again.

I think the update fixed the issue for external calls. Since then I had no problems anymore.

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