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Apologies if I have missed something.

I can’t see a list of Contacts from the centralised Contact Manager module in Sangoma Phone Desktop (Windows), you can only search, which does work ok but it isn’t ideal. Is this coming soon?

You can favourite Contacts individually to create a scrollable list as a workaround - Is this limited? You can only see My Favorites under VIEW.

You can see a list of Contacts from the centralised Contact Manager module in Sangoma Talk: Contacts > Business.

Thanks for your help.

Create a favorite list and assign it to the user. You will see the new assigned list in the same drop down menu. Add the required users in the list.

For more: How to Set Up Favorite Contacts - Sangoma Connect - Documentation

Ok thank you. Will assigned Internal/External/Private lists become available in the future, e.g. Add New Group: Suppliers, Customers etc?

I’m not quite understanding. You say adding an internal/external contact to a list? that you can do.

Only Favourite groups are visible in Sangoma Phone Desktop. I can’t create External > Suppliers and view the list. I can search though. Will this be added in the future?

Not so. If the user has contact groups privs, then public and private contact groups are viewable as well. That’s what the drop down view menu is for:

On mine I have access to a single contact group called “internal” as well as the favorites:

That’s what I’m after, as well as External contacts please? I can’t replicate it, despite reloading and logging in and out and making Viewable Contact Manager Groups > All Public Groups in User Management. All I can see is “Test Favorites” and My Favorites in the drop down. Have you called a Favourite group in the Contact Manager module “Internal”? Apologies if I am missing something but it isn’t working for me.

The drop-down menu will have all Favorite Lists. If you want to have external contacts in it those will need to be added into the list. Then you can add external contact’s numbers with the “+” sign next to any external phone number and add it to an existing contact or create a new one. To have those handy you may also mark them as ‘Favorite’ to see then at a glance in your Talk screen.

This is what I am trying to get clarity on. So '“Internal” in @lgaetz example is a favourite group that has been called “Internal”. It’s not an Internal/External/Private group that may exist in the Contact Manager module. Please confirm. If so, will this be made available in the future?

On Lorne’s example, ‘internal’ it’s a list, not s group. You can have groups and manage them to group ap users and manage permissions. On lists all you have is Users. So when creating a list you only get to choose in a user list, not groups.
Hope it makes sense.

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