Sangoma Phone desktop client

Absolutely. I merely pointed it out as an option available to you depending on your comfort level with CLI stuff.

ok, fair enough, I mis-interpreted your comment - Sorry for that & thanks again for your assistance.

PS. I don’t have an issue with CLI stuff (I was extracting my Asterisk Version description no problem), I simply wanted a pointer on how to recognise (from the version description) whether my system was using the ‘cert’ or ‘non-cert’ version of Asterisk16 - As it turns out, for the ‘non-cert’ (version which I appear to have), its about what NOT to look for in the version description (which is the bit that I was missing).

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@lgaetz Just had a user tell me they miss the sound Zulu made when a call hangs up.

What method of feature req submission do you want for Phone?

Send it to me in an email and I will figure out who needs it. I will update this page once I know definitively where feature requests need to go: How to open a Feature Request - Support Services - Documentation

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Done, thanks.

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I have the new Desktop app working from my own system for testing/evaluation & have a couple of questions.

  1. Is it possible to change the sound/ringtone used for incoming calls to this App ? - I prefer (or perhaps am just used to) the sound Zulu desktop made. I can’t see any option for this in the app Preferences.

  2. The Call History/Log is populated well, however, the Tel No format looks foreign to me - '0 (000) 000-0000 - Is it possible to make this use a more typical UK format such as 00000-000000 ?

  3. Contact List/Search is working fine, however, all the results (from my Contact Mgr Groups) seem to be showing & dialing my own international country prefix (44) in front of the unfamiliar display format described above, even though they are not international numbers and/or populated that way in their respective Contact Mgr groups. I don’t believe this happens via Zulu or physical deskphones (& so not something my PBX needs to dial out to numbers in my own country).

  4. Is the port used for the Client Service (6443) using TCP, UDP or Both ?

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